Square Mile by iPhone

This project was actually a failed project . I failed because of fear  .Street photography  feels me with fear . People see the camera before they see me .Although  I need to  conquer those fears its a very very slow process .

Then I discovered  my iPhone - I have always dismissed my  phone for taking images as  they never look that great and generally  I always see  the phone as something to make phone calls or text and nothing more .Pretty strange considering my background is of a technical nature ( I worked in IT for the last 15 years )  but I have never been a geeky.

iPhone apps opened up a new world for me  and decided to give my failed project a much needed CPR (and stealth ) . 

The ‘Square Mile ’ is in primarily  financial district of the London - The City of London . The first time I worked there was when I was  16 in the late 80’s where ‘greed was good ’ , yuppies   in pinstripe suits shouting ‘Sell’ or profanities on their brick-style mobile phones and the ladies in huge shoulder padded suits clickety clacking in their high heels around Bishopgates  during the morning rush.

I found myself working nearby again  25 years later . Armed with my mobile I put my lunch hour to good use and gave me the much needed break away from my computer screen.

The images are a mixture of colour and black& white - I haven’t quite finished the project but I am pleased with the results  so far  .

I  feel comfortable using my phone for street photography . Especially in the City - do I really need permission to take photo of Lloyds building from  a public street ? 

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