On the streets of Nottingham - streetphotography by iphone

 For the last 13 years     I tend to go  where the work is ( my normal , day-to-day , pay-my-bills kind of work )  . Be it on the other side of the country or even another country. Dragging my baggage of clothes and laptop - foolishly relying on public transport to get me to my destination . I  have to say I never took my camera with me  because as I am stuck in some office for 8 hours -12 hours a day  I am in no mood to be creative. Carrying a heavy laptop on my travels has taken its toll on my back so carrying anything else  on top of that and I think my back will give up for good.

Then came the iphone  … and more so the amazing apps  to help with process one’s creativity ( and lighter than the camera).

For the last two months I have been working in Nottingham and for the first time  I have been out in the evenings on the streets in the centre with my phone. 

As we are approaching Summer and  the evenings are getting lighter this has proven to be an incentive to  leave the office on time….

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