Keeping Up Appearances - A challenging photography project exploring the role of appearance in the lives of people living with Dementia/Alzheimers

For  nearly a  year I have been trying to get this project off the ground and I  will be the first to admit that this has been an uphill struggle from the start .

What am I trying to achieve ? Why am I trying to achieve something  ? How do I approach my subject ?   How can I get participants  to come on board with my project - especially on a topic that can be quite sensitive and personal  as I know from my own experience.  So many questions  receiving very few answers . 

I had so many ideas going through my head . But I was on the path of chaos theory hoping that in the end it will all fall into place and make sense .

But no - I still had a blank canvas ..

Until a couple of weeks ago I  had a breakthrough when I went to visit my mother .

My dear mother always the  willing model for my photos !

The chaos theory turned into a simple theory within 24 hours  .  

So this weekend I have finally managed to put my idea to paper and shortly be sending off my project proposal to potential participants  .

Thanks mum !

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